There is No Moral Leadership

I don't support a clean Dream Act because it's sound economic and national security policy (even though it is), I don't support a clean Dream Act because it's a good move for building power to oppose the GOP monolith (even though it is), I support a clean Dream Act because it's the right thing to do. Somewhere along the line, my Party abandoned a primary narrative of righteousness and embraced a narrative of intellectualism.

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Identity Politics IS Universalist Politics

Sometime starting around the disastrous end of the 2016 primary season, the suddenly-relevant American electoral left--that loose coalition of Berniecrats, democratic socialists, and social democrats who constitute the dialectical antithesis to corporatized politics--decided that the Hillary Clinton campaign was engaged in identity politics, and that identity politics was a path to defeat.

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Monopoly is the Enemy

If we force some piece of legislature that caps pharmaceutical price increases at some small number per year, that and all of our efforts will be met with ever more insidious policy complications if we don't also force breakups in monopolists. On the other hand, if we break up these monopolies and attack the ability of the opposition to coordinate power towards toxic policy, we can more easily pass and then defend positive policy. And that's what we need to do here.

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William Byatt