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This is the Fight We've Been Looking For

For decades, since well before the progressive movement gained national attention and serious momentum in 2016, progressives in Florida have been asking for a chance. Election after election, we’ve watched as well-funded, pedigreed, status quo centrists have run and lost, all the while we’ve begged to let us run someone who leans into labor, who leans into environment protection, who leans into our values.

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There is No Moral Leadership

I don't support a clean Dream Act because it's sound economic and national security policy (even though it is), I don't support a clean Dream Act because it's a good move for building power to oppose the GOP monolith (even though it is), I support a clean Dream Act because it's the right thing to do. Somewhere along the line, my Party abandoned a primary narrative of righteousness and embraced a narrative of intellectualism.

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It's Our Birthright, Asshole

I believe deeply in the American heroic. I believe in landing on the moon and building the Model T and flying across the Atlantic. I believe in the Interstate Highway System and the The New Deal. I believe in Okies traveling West to protect their families and soldiers headed to the front to defend their neighbors.

And I believe in the parks. I believe in those grand vistas, those mountains for Americans to climb and our heritage to the world. Those moments of stillness away from what we build so we know what we protect. I was raised in the parks. I grew up kayaking the swamps of Florida, climbing the rocks of Tennessee, and traversing the deserts of New Mexico. A lot of my sense of place and heritage is based on and around the lands our government has chosen to protect and to offer as our commons.

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