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This is the Fight We've Been Looking For

For decades, since well before the progressive movement gained national attention and serious momentum in 2016, progressives in Florida have been asking for a chance. Election after election, we’ve watched as well-funded, pedigreed, status quo centrists have run and lost, all the while we’ve begged to let us run someone who leans into labor, who leans into environment protection, who leans into our values.

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I'm Pretty Sure We're Winning

We're winning. We haven't won, but we're winning. We are pushing back the tide of mediocrity that has defined our Party ideology and strategy for more than a decade. This is not the time to walk away in frustration. This is time to view our theories of change as affirmed, and to keep doing our hard work.

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FDP Chair and the Future of Our Party

On December 8, members of the Miami-Dade DEC will have the rare opportunity to cast votes for the Chair of the Florida Democratic Party. I will be casting my vote for Stacey Patel. The People's Progressive Caucus of Miami-Dade will also be discussing the candidates at our December 5 meeting, and in that meeting I will urge our membership to support Stacey.

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