In 2018, Democratic candidates in Miami-Dade raised more than $3,000,000 in small donations, but our County Party only captured 10% of that. As the largest County in the most important swing state in the country, we have the capacity to mobilize small donors across the country to help us win, and we are failing ourselves if we fail to do this.

As Chair, I will coordinate resources and planning among our Data, Communications, and Finance committees to ensure that we are identifying all of those donors and bringing them into the fold. We are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars—if not more—on the table every year because our neighbors and friends simply don’t know how much of an impact their donations can have.

I will also work to expand our large donor network and to strengthen those relationships, particularly with our major institutional donors. This means working hard to identify new donors and offering more venues and tools for old donors to stay involved, from sponsoring events and programs to hosting major fundraisers.